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From Junkfood to Soulfood:

A farewellA farewell to a food, sugar and / or alcohol addiction!


An addiction is like a loyal but doubtful "friend" ?!

A friend?

Yes, but of the wrong kind who may have seemed to helped you through a difficult period but now comes with the bill.

Initially it's a wonderful temptation but one that soon you can't control, so you get into a vicious circle that interrupts your life ... the characteristic of an addiction.

There is also no way back but to stop because there are damages to your (brain-)metabolism that you do not have to suffer from as long as you maintain a healthy eating- and lifestyle and no more drinking in case of an alcohol addiction.


What can you aspect when you get started:?

- Health & energylevel are increasing;

- Overweight and / or the jojo-effect with 10/20/30 kilos will change to a healthy weight that is easy to maintain without an extreme diet:

- Clear thinking, awareness of your Self and your environment, being able to be more realistic and responding less emotionally;

- Restoring your inner balance by coming to terms with the past and validating the gain of your experiences;

- Assertiveness and making choices for a meaningfull & happy life from your authentic Self.


What is it asking of you to go from Junkfood to Soulfood?

- Switching to healthy food, no more added sugar and max. 45% carbohydrates, getting used to eating regularly. Because how easy someone can eat 3000 Cal. daily by candy and cake, etc .. .. a diet with 1600 cal. per day can the first few weeks cause problems because the volume and saturation value are greater.

- Daily physical and energy exercises, max. half an hour a day, are requirering discipline.

- By these way of living you reconnect with your authentic Self which can cause painful confrontations, especially if the addiction(s) have been triggered after one or more traumatic events.

- Recognizing triggers and learning how to deactivate them.

- The void that arises when an addiction comes to a halt by seeing it as a space for beautiful memories and new experiences in which the addiction(s) gets a place and the farewell to that dubious "friend" becomes a fact.


What do I have to offer you?

I have years of experience, first just as a dietitian and later on also as an energetic therapist and Soul-level healer, in successfully coaching people with these issues.

I teach you everything there is to know about your healing-process through loose consultations, but preferably  and more effectively through modules that I have written workbooks with so that you always have a reference.

I also work with techniques based on drawing therapy besides auriculogy, magnetic therapy and Chinese herbs.


Do you want to leave the huge impact that a food, sugar and / or alcohol addiction still has in your life behind you? 

I like to get to work with you!



September 3rd  2017


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