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By following a module I got a sense of security because the aim and trajectory was clear and I did achieve more in those months than I could have imagined.

I paid in one time so I could go into the process without worrying about rising cost in between. (tax lawyer


My life got more quality by no longer "fighting against" but "fighting for". (interim manager)  


After years of setbacks I ended up in a downward spiral of despair and self-reproach. She gave me the understanding that it only had been necessary to get wiser and nothing more. (therapist


With intervals of years my traumatic youth became actual and I relapsed into an addiction. I came to terms with the past by Module II and conquered my addiction. (fashion designer)  


I thought I knew what traumatic events had done to me but I couldn't let go. She advised me to write my life story in the third person. It worked liberating. (speech therapist


After the death of my husband I became entangled in the spiritual and paranormal world. The sessions brought me back the to a spirituality that means a practical and realistic way of living. (account manager)






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