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It was his journey to come home to

While I had been successfully working hard on my career my wife hadn't grow with me. 

Our marriage was childless.

I overcompensated her  with all the luxury you could imagine and took her everywhere she wanted to go to.

However, she was extremely jealous and became increasingly aggressive towards me.

A year after the inevitable separation, I met a woman  who gave me the love that I had missed so much.

My ex-wife appeared to be revengeful.

Mutual friends and acquaintances were embarrassed by her lies about me.

I felt responsible for her acting out so I sought help.


During a consultation I was asked the following question:

"Did she at your wedding promise to you to make your life hell?"

I got the advice to write my ex-wife a letter that I didn't have to send.

The letter had three topics:

-That has happened.

-This is what it has done tome.

-This is how I want to go on in my own life.

The writing of that letter took me three emotional weeks. I decided not to send the letter.


Afterwards much to my surprise I didn't hear anything from her.

Years later I heard that she was married and had children.

I decided to visit my physician because my second marriage remained childless as well.

I was the cause which my second wife couldn't handle. She wanted a divorce.

Again I wrote a letter that I didn't sent.


Finally I wanted to have a lot of time for myself and took a sabbatical year to travel to other continents.

If I wanted a consultation it was possible by Skype.

To me it was like being far away but at the same time close to someone.

Through all of this I have become who I really am.

I've been very lucky in meeting a woman that I married.

We have adopted two children.


He asked me to come to Schiphol when he traveled back home which I didn't.

It was his journey to come home to his Self.


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