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I was retired after a good but also very eventful life.

My doctor recommended me to contact her for nutritional advice and said that she did more than just writing a diet-prescription.


My son asked me:

"Why are you consulting her because what can she do for you?"

I said:

"You don't know half what she means to me."

I could not say what it did to me that someone only had attention for me and the only time that I felt  warm was during the consultations.

I had always been there and with love for everyone. My schedule was to retreat slowly but surely from the people around me.

So I said goodbye to my grandchildren before the worst decline began.


During the last consultation I felt that she knew it was the last time.


Already I had told her that I would send an email by Petrus if I couldn't come anymore.

She made it easier by confronting me with my situation.

She asked me a last question:

"What have you missed in this life?"

I told her:

 "A garage, I've never had a garage."

What I appreciated was that she, even at the farewell, was never emotionally.


I got an obituary of his family with the invitation to be present at the funeral.

He had never talked about the fact that he had the highest Dutch military awards.

I didn't go to the funeral because I had been and continued to be there only for him.


Many times on my way to work I came along his house:

A corner house without a garage.



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