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Do you recognize the feeling of again and again walking against a closed door in Your Self?

Perhaps the people around you have already tried to show you other options, or “open windows”, but that energy rather felt like “a fog” to you.
Until … after you had tried it for the so manyiste time, you suddenly felt the breeze, the energy that came in through Your open window.

You need(ed) all that time to bump into
Your closed door for your recovery!

Some people try a closed door once but then immediately know that trying again no longer makes sense.
Others keep “staring” at their closed door or smash their hands against it.
Returning to old situations, again trying to restore a violent relationship, relapsing into old behavior, an addiction, etc. can be even  more damaging.

The remark “you could have known that” is counterproductive because you didn’t know it yet.
Every time you bump into a closed door in your Self, your Self is asking for recovery!
If you are an “old Soul” then not everyone will understand your process because then your healing process is much more radical.

Everything in your life is there to reconnect with
your authentic Self & your calling …

to open Your closed door!