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Inner Freedom ...

Who is holding you back?



Do you want to determine your life again and not life you?

Synchronicity means that everything is happening at the right time but you have your free will to deal with it like you want.

Are you still waiting on life?
Meanwhile, all this time, life is already waiting on you!

To go against life by questioning everything that is happening to you causes a loss of energy.

By looking different at the events you can see the profits.

Creating chaos after chaos, an active addiction, uncontrollable metabolic disorders, a burn-out and / or financial problems are escalating first before the recovery can begin.

Recovery or healing of physical and / or psychological symptoms is a cleanup of the cause at a physical, psychological and spiritual level to have a hold at your life again.

How would it be for you if you knew how to:

– to prevent burn-outs by simple changes in your daily activities;
– with the right thoughts & energy exercises avoiding racking your brain & loss of energy;
– to leave addicted behavior behind because it has nothing to offer anymore;
– to have fun in your life by knowing who you are being able to make better choices;
– to achieve and maintain your ideal weight;
– to leave the past behind with only the profit of your experiences.



Soul-level healing based on your Akashic records;

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;

Depression: acute and/or chronic;

Eating disorders and/or weight problems;


(Posttraumatic) Stress Disorder;

Terminal care & grief counseling;

Addictions (especially binge-drinking and/or binge-eating).

(The regular health care may not be missed in multiple disorders.)