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Your past doesn’t have to be Your future!

Your past doesn’t have to be Your future!

To achieve a happy & meaningful life you have to recognize your unique talents, skills and gifts.
Life may have influenced you in a way that you hardly recognize your Self, your authentic Self, and that you feel stuck.

Are events and / or traumas from the past still disrupting your present life which is reflected in a sense of powerlessness and / or self-destructive behavior?
Do you feel that you are rather surviving than living and hav
e lost your goal in life?

Do You miss the real You!

How would it would be for you to finally being disconnected from your past, to feel happy in your present and to have a better view on your future by being reconnected with Your Self?

Do you want to:

– integrate the profits of your experiences from your past;

– recognize your unique abilities so you can use these for the best;

– live a life the way you always wanted?

Catharina Hamer

Inner Health Consultancy


Do you want to determine your life again and not life you?

Synchronicity means that everything happens at the right time but you have your free will to deal with it like you want.


Your past doesn’t have to be Your future!

The modules have a clear & targeted structure. We use a workbook written especially for the module of your choice so that you can use the techniques again for your Self at a later time.

Introductory Consultation

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If you are willing to invest in yourself!





Interview with Petra Iuliano.



With intervals of years my traumatic youth became actual and I relapsed into an addiction.
By her I came to terms with the past and conquered my addiction.

After the death of my husband I became entangled in the spiritual and paranormal world.
The sessions brought spirituality in the right way into my life & my Self back into reality.


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