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Your past doesn’t have to be Your future!


Check your Self: A 3 – in – 1 Session

How are you coping right now with your Self in respect to your past, present and future?
In a session of one and a half hours, this is made visible through three steps:
I. With a technique based on drawing therapy (Jung), you can see by your “drawing language” how you consciously and subconsciously look at your life.
II. A reading and healing is optional but may serve as a complement to the first part so that what you unleashed subconscious is integrated faster.

Meet your Self

Are you someone who figures out everything yourself until you really can’t do it anymore, meanwhile losing your health, job and relations if you don’t get help right now?
Reflection is the most powerful way to get the answers from your Self and as an acute breakthrough in a burnout, hyperactivity and/or addictions.
By using exercises based on drawing therapy you get a quick insight into what lives unconsciously in your Self so you can make the necessary changes.
1st session: the past: The structure of your life until now.
2nd session: the present: Breaking through the blockades.
3rd session: the future: Integration of new insights.
The sessions, each 1½ – 2 hours, are during one to three weeks.

Reconnect with your Self

Always wanted to no longer putting yourself aside and finally first taking care of yourself?
Are you fed up with always being tired, to have (misunderstood) health problems, poor sleep, problems with your weight, eating, alcohol and the feeling that you are stuck?
In six steps, 6 sessions of 1½ hour during six to twelve weeks, are patterns made visible from the youth and cleaned up so that with the profit of your experiences and new insights you acknowledge your Self and finally live the way you want.
The workbook for this module also serves as a reference work.
This module is preferable for eating disorders such as binge eating, over- or underweight, alcohol abuse and stress-related metabolic disorders.

Living from your Self

Do you feel that life often overwhelms you because you don’t understand events, your own behavior and the behavior of others?

Are you looking for a new way of life by using the realization of that there is more “between heaven and earth” in your life in a way that “survival” disappears from your life forever?

This module goes deeper into the psychological and physiological impact of & working with energy since your behavior / energy reflects on everything you do.

By learning techniques to stay connected with yourself and let your energy flow, it becomes stronger. You become more aware of “premonitions & inspirations” and how to work with those which yields better choices for your own life and for the people around you.

Due to the improved flow of your energy all kinds of stress-related complaints such as hypersensitivity, getting stuck in the past, fatigue, too cold or too hot, allergies, relapsing into an addiction, being overweight or underweight will decrease and where possible it is completely disappear.

This process is worked through in twelve steps, 12 sessions of 1½ hours, for three to six months.

The workbook for this module also serves as a reference work.

The modules have the advantage of:

– a clear & targeted structure;

– a workbook / reference work to be able to use the techniques again;

– less expensive considering the number of hours.