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About Weight

Tell me a way to lose weight and I have tried it.
I have been too thin and too thick and never longer than one month I was able to keep a healthy weight.
When I was advised to contact her I initially didn’t want to because she wouldn’t be able to tell me anything new.
A sprained ankle and a doctor on duty who pointed confronted me with my overweight, made that I couldn’t take it anymore.
I came home crying and decided to make an appointment.

My expectation for that initial consultation was completely wrong.
It started with that she said that if I still failed to maintain a healthy  weight, apparently I still didn’t know how I to do so.
The first thing I had to do was abandon all sugar from my diet and eat regularly. I got an exercise schedule with the advice to take a walk of at least fifteen minutes every day at a same time.
The first weeks I realized how chaotic my life was and that the simple assignments were hard to practice.
Since I took the sugar out of my diet I noticed that I had lost weight, had become less emotional and my thinking was more calm.
I had an assignment to look at the relationship between underweight and the underestimation of myself  and between overweight and the overestimation of myself.

It was surprising to recognize this pattern in my life.
After a visit to my parents it went totally wrong.
They had not wanted to consider my wishes that I didn’t want to use  sugar anymore.
They found it crap that I was trying to lose weight again because I was an overweight person and that wasn’t going to change. I gave in by staying for dinner but when I got home I went straight into binge-eating.
Afterwards was this my breakthrough because I felt what it did to me.|
I was again more emotional and more chaotic which was much worse than gaining weight.
At that point the realization hit me about what she had been telling me that it had everything to do with repairing my metabolism in order to achieve a stable healthy

weight.She came back on track and the last year she has a stable healthy weight. She eats healthy, doesn’t use sugar without missing it anymore and is enjoying her sports.
In her last email she wrote that she was happier than ever before.