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Once a year
go someplace
where you’ve
never been before!

Dalai Lama

The Broken Circle

Not “Out of Africa” but “Out by Africa!

“Do you want to publish my story?”
A client that I used to see periodically in the recent years due to severe eating- and alcohol addiction is sitting healthy and happy in front of me.

After a traumatic childhood, incest, which had never been acknowledged, she had multiple abusive relationships.
Her past continued to disrupt her life, which reflected in weight changes of thirty kilos (!) by binge eating- and /or drinking and depressions.
Years ago, she married a man who at least did not hit her, as she told me, but emotionally abused her.
However, her Soul, her authentic Self, was still overfloaded by the negativity  around her, her unhealed past and her self-destructive behavior.

She did not have the courage to leave him because she thought she needed him.
She had the courage to have her own laptop and by her sister  her own bank account, on which she had saved a considerable amount of money from the household money over the years, which he knew nothing about.

Unexpectedly, the invitation came from an old girlfriend who already for years lived in South Africa to visit her and to make a roadtrip together.
It was March and her husband, an accountant, had a very busy period with his work.
Her husband had no trouble letting her go because, very important, her girlfriend wanted to pay for everything.

She had the journey and time of her life.
When she arrived at Schiphol four weeks later, she saw her husband standing behind the glass wall and realized:
“I’m going to leave him!”
When she told him that, his first reaction was:
“You will not get a penny from me.”
Her answer:
“Tell it to my lawyer!”

She said to me: “You have always said that at the right time everything will fall into place and energy intent will follow.
In addition to a statement of urgency, I have already found a temporary living space and I work through an employment agency.
Why I want you to be told my story because you are right that you should never give up and I had to be ready for when the opportunity was there! ”

Regarding her eating and alcohol addiction, she said: “I have never realized that in addition to alcohol, all that sugar made me feel so much less than myself.”
Regarding the people who abused her in the past, she said: “You are right. Afterwards they needed me more than I needed them. “