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Starve your ego …
Feed your Soul!

The Mirror

For seven years I had been fighting against  anorexia nervosa
I was twenty two years old and it was time to make the change.
I had been in special clinics and following psychotherapy but still it didn’t went well for me.
I started with the Art Academy and I felt that I was falling apart again.

By chance I had heard about her and made an appointment. I prepared for the first consultation by writing down my woes in the past years including all therapies.
The first time I met her was completely different than I expected because the soft approach where I had been counting on wasn’t there at all.What did happen was that she named both sides of my  psychological and physical disease and ended with the question:
“Why and how do you think that I can help you?”

I didn’t know what to say.

She said: “The most important thing is not what has happened but how you’ve dealt with it.”
I got up and left.
She sent me a bill for the exact time that the consultation had lasted:
Fifteen minutes.

Two weeks later I called her up on to make a new appointment.
I had decided that she was safe enough to share my addictive world with her.
It was necessary and gave me a feeling of liberation.
Finally I was able to get back into the real world.

I followed and finished The Art Academy successfully without any major problems.
I have a healthy eating- and lifestyle.
With nutrition I shall always have to take care because my metabolism is damaged but it doesn’t hinder me anymore in my life.
I know that I am very sensitive to external influences but have learned techniques to deal with that.
I agree with her that all these experiences are giving my work an extra dimension.

If someone already has followed many therapies it is important to use those experiences to go further in the healing process.