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The impact of fake news? Incredibly damaging!

Fake news is used to destabilize.
Fake news on a personal level is to destabilize one or more people.

How much fake news did you have to listen to in your youth and later on that’s still bothering you?
How much fake news do you confront your Self with on a daily basis by your thoughts about your Self?

I have tried it so many times but I still can’t …
I have experienced so much that people just cannot understand me …
Who can love me now?

But also:
Nobody understands me because I am highly gifted …
People just don’t see how good I am.
I give so much love but I get nothing in return.

Fake is and remains fake, which causes unrest in your Self.
Saying your thoughts out loud and / or writing them down might give a completely different outcome than you initially think about your Self and others or “are talking to” in your thoughts
All this has a great impact on your Self and what you radiate to others.

I like to work with assignments based on drawing therapy where you gain insight into what drives you, what’s blocking you and is making you aware of the causes and especially what you can do about it.

Whatever you have experienced …you are making the choice to be a victim, to continue living in a survival mode or to enjoy a happy & maningful life!

Hitting rock bottom is a beautiful start
to start living from Your authentic Self!