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The moment that you can’t do anything else but to let go!

With the majority of the hundreds of clients I have coached over the years, I have been able to experience, hear or read about that moment.
It is the moment when you can / could say later how you were before and how you afterwards felt that your Self was (again) free and happy.
That moment precedes events, Synchronicity is the favorite “tool” of the Universe to accomplish this, so that you can’t any longer continue in your old way.

At that moment it is about breaking one or more blockages that were formed due to events and / or learned behavior and (un) consciously continued disrupting your life.
That can literally feel debilitating, an extreme return to old (addiction) behavior, sleeping disorders and exhaustion in all facets of your life so that your resistance is breaking.
Depending on how you are as a person, this can be forcefully or gradually creating your breakthrough.
Old fears that prevented you from being completely your Self are being resolved or manageable and you are trusting life (again) life what makes you full of energy to lead your life the way you want.

“Allow the fire of transformation to burn away
all that doesn’t serve you!”
(Heather Ash Amara)