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“The eyes are the mirror of the soul!” (Leonardo da Vinci)

I sometimes get the question:
“That Soul-level healing stuff … isn’t that very mystifying?

You don’t consist of separate parts and since your body is in your Soul (Allan Watts).
Being an earthling, you aren’t just born on earth just like that, is teh connection with your body necessary.

One healing process after another after one or more traumas can consist of “separate parts” being healed because it is often too heavy to process everything at once.

Physical complaints, a recurring addiction, depression, etc. can ensure that if you look in your mirror at the look in your eyes, you realize that you want a better life than what you are suffering / living at the moment.

The trigger can be emotional, physical and / or spiritual to also enter the final phase of the healing process.

This final phase is not just about accepting what has happened, what it has done to you mentally, emotionally and physically, but that those traumatic events have made clear what your calling on Earth is.
Realizing your purpose on earth means that you are not a victim, not a survivor, but a fighter for a better future.


Being a fighter for a better future by following Your calling
changes your reflection in Your mirror & to others!

This is trauma- & Soullevel- healing!