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My Story

My story is that already in my youth I knew that I had to face the necessary difficulties.
Fortunately, I did not know how much, how heavy and for how long.
At crucial times, I met someone who confirmed me how I should and wanted to go further.
Never the less, my life went in a completely different direction.

As a child I wanted to become a concert pianist, for which I was talented enough.
Read more in About me how things went.

The right way was pointed out by means of my being “claircognizant” aka a healing mind, receiving strong thoughts that are also given emotional responses, predictive dreams and spontaneous encounters.
I often felt Lara from “Tomb Raider”, who, when she got close to her target, got an energy boost.

A healer thus and an old soul who is healing completely in this life.
This means solving Karma, because no one who has had several lives has always been good.
This meant to me to be utterly challenged, which also freed the power in my Self to be able to deal with all the events.

The power in my Self was freed by cleaning up everything that had disregulated my authentic Self. This process went by increasing levels of awareness.

There are healers in every layer of the population and in every profession.

In addition to my studies, I integrated my healing capacities into my work.
My specialization is Soul-Level healing of trauma, possibly in relation to addiction problems, especially with high-sensitive and / or high-gifted adults.

Soul-level healing is the awareness of on one hand belonging to a physical generation and its transmission but also on the other hand the meaning of being an old Soul and finding the balance between those two.
This is allowing you to see your life in a larger perspective and discover your purpose here on earth and discover your calling so you are living a happy & meaningful life

Soul-level healing is my calling & I’m glad it is my calling.