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For a life on earth, you get only one body / space suit!

According to the latest update, 30% of the world’s population has a significant overweight, with the  worrying fact that this percentage continues to increase espicially among young people.
A possible cause could be the technology which has resulted in less heavy body work and the digital communication, but apparently also … the richer the thicker.

Why does someone actually neglect his / her body?

The outer changes, one can try to bypass by only looking at the head in the mirror  and not the rest of the body.
The weight can be denied for a long time by no longer wanting to be on the scale but must at some point be acknowledged by physical problems.

Adequate physical exercise, let alone sports, has often become too heavy due to overweight. This has an impact on blood circulation, nerve conduction and thus also on metabolism. This is slowing down the metabolism espicially in combination with a type of foodpattern that rather undermines than activates it.

Unfortunately, it is too often underestimated what a wrong eating / living style does with someone at the mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Mental level:
Knowing that you are acting wrongly and not wanting to know it is creating a ongoing unrest.

Emotional level:
If someone suffers from depressive feelings, the effect of too much carbohydrate / sugar, alcohol and / or drugs can bef or a short time give a kind of relieve, but after that someone is becoming  hypersensitive, emotionally and / or even worse depressed.

The vicious circle is that to numb the feelings by one and / or several addictions  there will be increasingly more needed whether that’s sugar, food, alcohol and / or drugs to achieve that certain effect.

Spiritual level:
An excessive use of addiction-sensitive substances creates hypersensitivity that can hinder being well-grounded. As a result, someone dwells on this planet without giving any meaning to his / her life on earth.

The neglect of the body may have had
a function for some time!

It can be a food / lifestyle style passed on from the childhood or a survival strategy after trauma, causing the real feelings to be numb and / or unable to ground for whatever reason.

Why does someone care for his / her body?

The turning point is by the realization that everything is better than continuing with the neglect of the body and the awareness of how priceless the body is.

Totally done with junk (food) …?
Go for body & Soul (food)!