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How do you actually live?
Soulless, as a poor Soul or Soulful?

Reconnecting with your authentic Self, your Soul,
why would you do that?

Someone once said to me:
“Then I have to go through that old mess again, what’s the use?
Just leave it like that!”

I made that choice for my Self, partly encouraged by traumatic events in my life, to reconnect with my authentic Self.
I didn’t want any longer that traumatic events still had so much impact on me that I hardly recognized myself / my Self.
I was homesick for my Self, my Soul.
I wanted to trust my Self and life again.
It took me the time needed to come where I am now but what much  better is than ever before.

What does it actually give you
when you reconnect with your authentic Self?

– By first cleaning up in your Self, the burden of your past is  transformed into the profit of your experiences for the future;
– Your energy flows again because old blockades are deactivated, making you feel physically and mentally much better;
– You generate more energy because you live the way you want it and from your calling on earth;
– Your loneliness disappears because you fully experience the connection with your Self and the Universe.

I wish you an inspired Soulful life!