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What is making someone going back to a painful past? 

What is making  someone is going back, sometimes after years, to a situation that has caused him / her so much pain in the past that survival was connected to self-destructive behavior?

One can hope that people have changed.

An unexpected confrontation can trigger so much old pain that someone goes back physically or mentally to perhaps finding the “last loose ends” to be able to let go of the past.

It may also be going too well for someone who still doesn’t feel being worth it or there are just big disappointments in the present.

The risk is that  self-destructive behavior is triggered again.
If this is an addiction to alcohol, food, drugs, etc. that someone with a lot of pain and effort is recovering from then the damage can be big.
Not only physically but most of all mentally regained selfconfidence & selfesteem in addition to the trust of the people around is again compromised if not gone completely.

A relapse in self-destructive behavior in whatever form is a signal that a deeper healingprocess is needed to finally be able to love one’s Self!

In my work I use my healing abilities, clear knowing, in addition to my studies and (work) experience to go straight to the core of the problem.
In this way I can give insights and options for building a meaningfull & happy life for themselves.