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Who are you and / or what made you become as you are now?
This can be very positive but also very negative.
If your answer is negative then this is a confrontation with your Self that can’t be avoided by continiously moving your Self into other jobs, other relationships, by moving, traveling, etc ..

Who & what has caused you to think that you had no choice, or in a period you survived that you made a choice,
to be less than your Self?

To face this is not easy because it might be about traumatic experiences.

The moment that your old way of living isn’t an option anymore, is the feeling of hitting rockbottom your turning point.

There is a vision that states that all events in your present life you have chosen yourself at a spiritual level …
This is not my vision.

My vision is that the Universe ensures that everything is happening at the right time and in the right order so that you recognize & reconnect with your authentic Self!

It‘s a learning process where your own experiences and those of others are giving insight into what suits you aka into your authentic Self.

Are you ready not to escape your Self anymore and
to live a happy & meaningful life?